A.3. Code Page表格

A.3.1. 常见的ANSI和OEM的Code Page的表格

A.3.1.1. ANSI Code Page表

ANSI Code Page中,字符编码都是用的8位单字节,所以也被称为SBCS (Single Byte Character Set) Codepages,即单字节字符集的代码页

表 A.3. ANSI的SBCS Code Page

代码页Code Page 对应的字符集Character Set
Code Page 1250 Central and East European Latin
Code Page 1251 Cyrillic
Code Page 1252 West European Latin
Code Page 1253 Greek
Code Page 1254 Turkish
Code Page 1255 Hebrew
Code Page 1256 Arabic
Code Page 1257 Baltic
Code Page 1258 Vietnamese
Code Page 874 Thai

A.3.1.2. OEM Code Page表

OEM的Code Page如下:

表 A.4. OEM的Code Page

代码页Code Page 对应的字符集Character Set
Code Page 437 original IBM PC Code Page==USA
Code Page 720 Arabic
Code Page 737 Greek
Code Page 775 Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian
Code Page 850 "Multilingual (Latin-1)" (Western European languages)
Code Page 852 "Slavic (Latin-2)" (Central and Eastern European languages)
Code Page 855 Cyrillic
Code Page 857 Turkish
Code Page 858 "Multilingual" with euro symbol
Code Page 860 Portuguese
Code Page 861 Icelandic
Code Page 862 Hebrew
Code Page 863 French (Quebec French)
Code Page 865 Danish/Norwegian Differs from 437
Code Page 869 Greek
Code Page 874 Thai

A.3.1.3. ANSI和OEM共有的Code Page表

ANSI和OEM共有Code Page,是一些DBCS (Double Byte Character Set) Codepages,即双字节字符集的代码页。

表 A.5. ANSI和OEM共有的DBCS Code Page

代码页Code Page 对应的字符集Character Set
Code Page 932 Japanese
Code Page 936 GBK - Simplified Chinese
Code Page 949 Korean
Code Page 950 BIG5 - Traditional Chinese

A.3.1.4. 其他一些常见的Code Page表

其他一些常见的Code Page如下:

表 A.6. 一些常见的Code Page

代码页Code Page 对应的字符集Character Set
Code Page 1200 UTF-16LE Unicode little-endian
Code Page 1201 UTF-16BE Unicode big-endian
Code Page 65000 UTF-7 Unicode
Code Page 65001 UTF-8 Unicode
Code Page 10000 Macintosh Roman encoding (followed by several other Mac character sets)
Code Page 10007 Macintosh Cyrillic encoding
Code Page 10029 Macintosh Central European encoding
Code Page 20127 US-ASCII The classic US 7 bit character set with no char larger than 127
Code Page 28591 ISO-8859-1 (followed by ISO-8859-2 to ISO-8859-15)

A.3.2. 所有的Code Page相关的表格

表 A.7. 微软的代码页标识符(Code Page Identifiers)

Identifier .NET Name Additional information
037 IBM037 IBM EBCDIC US-Canada
437 IBM437 OEM United States
500 IBM500 IBM EBCDIC International
708 ASMO-708 Arabic (ASMO 708)
709   Arabic (ASMO-449+, BCON V4)
710   Arabic - Transparent Arabic
720 DOS-720 Arabic (Transparent ASMO); Arabic (DOS)
737 ibm737 OEM Greek (formerly 437G); Greek (DOS)
775 ibm775 OEM Baltic; Baltic (DOS)
850 ibm850 OEM Multilingual Latin 1; Western European (DOS)
852 ibm852 OEM Latin 2; Central European (DOS)
855 IBM855 OEM Cyrillic (primarily Russian)
857 ibm857 OEM Turkish; Turkish (DOS)
858 IBM00858 OEM Multilingual Latin 1 + Euro symbol
860 IBM860 OEM Portuguese; Portuguese (DOS)
861 ibm861 OEM Icelandic; Icelandic (DOS)
862 DOS-862 OEM Hebrew; Hebrew (DOS)
863 IBM863 OEM French Canadian; French Canadian (DOS)
864 IBM864 OEM Arabic; Arabic (864)
865 IBM865 OEM Nordic; Nordic (DOS)
866 cp866 OEM Russian; Cyrillic (DOS)
869 ibm869 OEM Modern Greek; Greek, Modern (DOS)
870 IBM870 IBM EBCDIC Multilingual/ROECE (Latin 2); IBM EBCDIC Multilingual Latin 2
874 windows-874 ANSI/OEM Thai (same as 28605, ISO 8859-15); Thai (Windows)
875 cp875 IBM EBCDIC Greek Modern
932 shift_jis ANSI/OEM Japanese; Japanese (Shift-JIS)
936 gb2312 ANSI/OEM Simplified Chinese (PRC, Singapore); Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
949 ks_c_5601-1987 ANSI/OEM Korean (Unified Hangul Code)
950 big5 ANSI/OEM Traditional Chinese (Taiwan; Hong Kong SAR, PRC); Chinese Traditional (Big5)
1026 IBM1026 IBM EBCDIC Turkish (Latin 5)
1047 IBM01047 IBM EBCDIC Latin 1/Open System
1140 IBM01140 IBM EBCDIC US-Canada (037 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada-Euro)
1141 IBM01141 IBM EBCDIC Germany (20273 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro)
1142 IBM01142 IBM EBCDIC Denmark-Norway (20277 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway-Euro)
1143 IBM01143 IBM EBCDIC Finland-Sweden (20278 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden-Euro)
1144 IBM01144 IBM EBCDIC Italy (20280 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Italy-Euro)
1145 IBM01145 IBM EBCDIC Latin America-Spain (20284 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Spain-Euro)
1146 IBM01146 IBM EBCDIC United Kingdom (20285 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (UK-Euro)
1147 IBM01147 IBM EBCDIC France (20297 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro)
1148 IBM01148 IBM EBCDIC International (500 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro)
1149 IBM01149 IBM EBCDIC Icelandic (20871 + Euro symbol); IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic-Euro)
1200 utf-16 Unicode UTF-16, little endian byte order (BMP of ISO 10646); available only to managed applications
1201 unicodeFFFE Unicode UTF-16, big endian byte order; available only to managed applications
1250 windows-1250 ANSI Central European; Central European (Windows)
1251 windows-1251 ANSI Cyrillic; Cyrillic (Windows)
1252 windows-1252 ANSI Latin 1; Western European (Windows)
1253 windows-1253 ANSI Greek; Greek (Windows)
1254 windows-1254 ANSI Turkish; Turkish (Windows)
1255 windows-1255 ANSI Hebrew; Hebrew (Windows)
1256 windows-1256 ANSI Arabic; Arabic (Windows)
1257 windows-1257 ANSI Baltic; Baltic (Windows)
1258 windows-1258 ANSI/OEM Vietnamese; Vietnamese (Windows)
1361 Johab Korean (Johab)
10000 macintosh MAC Roman; Western European (Mac)
10001 x-mac-japanese Japanese (Mac)
10002 x-mac-chinesetrad MAC Traditional Chinese (Big5); Chinese Traditional (Mac)
10003 x-mac-korean Korean (Mac)
10004 x-mac-arabic Arabic (Mac)
10005 x-mac-hebrew Hebrew (Mac)
10006 x-mac-greek Greek (Mac)
10007 x-mac-cyrillic Cyrillic (Mac)
10008 x-mac-chinesesimp MAC Simplified Chinese (GB 2312); Chinese Simplified (Mac)
10010 x-mac-romanian Romanian (Mac)
10017 x-mac-ukrainian Ukrainian (Mac)
10021 x-mac-thai Thai (Mac)
10029 x-mac-ce MAC Latin 2; Central European (Mac)
10079 x-mac-icelandic Icelandic (Mac)
10081 x-mac-turkish Turkish (Mac)
10082 x-mac-croatian Croatian (Mac)
12000 utf-32 Unicode UTF-32, little endian byte order; available only to managed applications
12001 utf-32BE Unicode UTF-32, big endian byte order; available only to managed applications
20000 x-Chinese_CNS CNS Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (CNS)
20001 x-cp20001 TCA Taiwan
20002 x_Chinese-Eten Eten Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (Eten)
20003 x-cp20003 IBM5550 Taiwan
20004 x-cp20004 TeleText Taiwan
20005 x-cp20005 Wang Taiwan
20105 x-IA5 IA5 (IRV International Alphabet No. 5, 7-bit); Western European (IA5)
20106 x-IA5-German IA5 German (7-bit)
20107 x-IA5-Swedish IA5 Swedish (7-bit)
20108 x-IA5-Norwegian IA5 Norwegian (7-bit)
20127 us-ascii US-ASCII (7-bit)
20261 x-cp20261 T.61
20269 x-cp20269 ISO 6937 Non-Spacing Accent
20273 IBM273 IBM EBCDIC Germany
20277 IBM277 IBM EBCDIC Denmark-Norway
20278 IBM278 IBM EBCDIC Finland-Sweden
20280 IBM280 IBM EBCDIC Italy
20284 IBM284 IBM EBCDIC Latin America-Spain
20285 IBM285 IBM EBCDIC United Kingdom
20290 IBM290 IBM EBCDIC Japanese Katakana Extended
20297 IBM297 IBM EBCDIC France
20420 IBM420 IBM EBCDIC Arabic
20423 IBM423 IBM EBCDIC Greek
20424 IBM424 IBM EBCDIC Hebrew
20833 x-EBCDIC-KoreanExtended IBM EBCDIC Korean Extended
20838 IBM-Thai IBM EBCDIC Thai
20866 koi8-r Russian (KOI8-R); Cyrillic (KOI8-R)
20871 IBM871 IBM EBCDIC Icelandic
20880 IBM880 IBM EBCDIC Cyrillic Russian
20905 IBM905 IBM EBCDIC Turkish
20924 IBM00924 IBM EBCDIC Latin 1/Open System (1047 + Euro symbol)
20932 EUC-JP Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0121-1990)
20936 x-cp20936 Simplified Chinese (GB2312); Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80)
20949 x-cp20949 Korean Wansung
21025 cp1025 IBM EBCDIC Cyrillic Serbian-Bulgarian
21027   (deprecated)
21866 koi8-u Ukrainian (KOI8-U); Cyrillic (KOI8-U)
28591 iso-8859-1 ISO 8859-1 Latin 1; Western European (ISO)
28592 iso-8859-2 ISO 8859-2 Central European; Central European (ISO)
28593 iso-8859-3 ISO 8859-3 Latin 3
28594 iso-8859-4 ISO 8859-4 Baltic
28595 iso-8859-5 ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
28596 iso-8859-6 ISO 8859-6 Arabic
28597 iso-8859-7 ISO 8859-7 Greek
28598 iso-8859-8 ISO 8859-8 Hebrew; Hebrew (ISO-Visual)
28599 iso-8859-9 ISO 8859-9 Turkish
28603 iso-8859-13 ISO 8859-13 Estonian
28605 iso-8859-15 ISO 8859-15 Latin 9
29001 x-Europa Europa 3
38598 iso-8859-8-i ISO 8859-8 Hebrew; Hebrew (ISO-Logical)
50220 iso-2022-jp ISO 2022 Japanese with no halfwidth Katakana; Japanese (JIS)
50221 csISO2022JP ISO 2022 Japanese with halfwidth Katakana; Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
50222 iso-2022-jp ISO 2022 Japanese JIS X 0201-1989; Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI)
50225 iso-2022-kr ISO 2022 Korean
50227 x-cp50227 ISO 2022 Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (ISO 2022)
50229   ISO 2022 Traditional Chinese
50930   EBCDIC Japanese (Katakana) Extended
50931   EBCDIC US-Canada and Japanese
50933   EBCDIC Korean Extended and Korean
50935   EBCDIC Simplified Chinese Extended and Simplified Chinese
50936   EBCDIC Simplified Chinese
50937   EBCDIC US-Canada and Traditional Chinese
50939   EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) Extended and Japanese
51932 euc-jp EUC Japanese
51936 EUC-CN EUC Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (EUC)
51949 euc-kr EUC Korean
51950   EUC Traditional Chinese
52936 hz-gb-2312 HZ-GB2312 Simplified Chinese; Chinese Simplified (HZ)
54936 GB18030 Windows XP and later: GB18030 Simplified Chinese (4 byte); Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
57002 x-iscii-de ISCII Devanagari
57003 x-iscii-be ISCII Bengali
57004 x-iscii-ta ISCII Tamil
57005 x-iscii-te ISCII Telugu
57006 x-iscii-as ISCII Assamese
57007 x-iscii-or ISCII Oriya
57008 x-iscii-ka ISCII Kannada
57009 x-iscii-ma ISCII Malayalam
57010 x-iscii-gu ISCII Gujarati
57011 x-iscii-pa ISCII Punjabi
65000 utf-7 Unicode (UTF-7)
65001 utf-8 Unicode (UTF-8)