Chapter 2. MSI Plessey

Table of Contents

2.1. What is MSI Plessey
2.2. Characteristics
2.2.1. Character set
2.2.2. Coding Rule
2.3. MSI Barcode Example
2.4. MSI Barcode Format
2.4.1. Checksum digit(s) Mode 10 and Mode 1010 Mode 1010 Example Mode 11
2.5. Usage Filed


2.1. What is MSI Plessey

MSI Plessey is a barcode symbology, is a variation of Plessey, is the most widely supported variation of Plessey.

Also called “Modified Plessey”, or MSI.


MSI = MSI Plessey = Modified Plessey

Following description will use MSI.

MSI was developed by the MSI Data Corporation, based on the original Plessey Code, Currently maintained by Symbol Technologies, Inc.

While the length of an MSI bar code can be of any length, a given application usually implements a fixed-length code